W E    O F F E R    A    W I D E    R A N G E    O F    A R T I S T I C    C O L L E C T I O N S   
A N D    S E R V I C E S    T O    S U I T     Y O U R    N E E D S

Traditional Silversmithing  & Jewelry

We offer a wide arrange of Silver and Gold services to suit your needs.   Lead by Avi Binur, who has mastered the craft of fine silver restorations, silver jewelry repair, silver cleaning, silver finishings for the past thirty years in North Hollywood, California.

Traditionally the silversmith was a common trade for silver and resource, providing extensive knowledge on how to fix any metal jewelry, memorabilia, gifts, silver plated and fine silver flatware. Today there are virtually no expert silversmiths left, Avi Binur is one of the last of the master silversmiths.

We also have a store  and gallery at our shop full of wonderful and original gifts to wear and for your home.




A New Generation of Decorative Corner Guards

ArchiArt is an innovator, a creator of decorative architectural hand crafted corner guard of contemporary and modern design crafted to fit you or any style. We set the mood with over 20 unique corner guard designed and personalized to set the mood and interior of your environment. Our corner guards come in 14 different electro platting finishes, powder coating also available. ArchiArt clients and applications spans to areas of architects, interior design to high end furniture stores for both commercial and residential.


We Make Miracles Happen

Excalibur Restorations, the sister company to Nouveau Craft Furniture art and Cabinetry, proudly Introduces their unique design of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The possibilities are endless. If you can dream it up, we can create it for you. We have been in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County for the last 30 years and have provided excellent service to all of our customers. Excalibur Restorations / Nouveau Craft Furniture will create the custom kitchen of your dreams. We pride ourselves in our work ethics and that is the reason why we will hold your hand through step A to step Z, that way your dream home become a reality and the pride of your block.



New Generation and Method of Jewish Yarmulka

In our extended selection you will find high quality hand made kippah.

Designed by a top Jewish artist.

We are located at:
11131 Vanowen st. Unit C
North Hollywood, USA.
Phone: 818.506.4478
Cell:      818.355.0490



Cosmetic Stores & Jewelry

Our Date of birth is determined in a traditional zodiac and this relationship permeates our consciousness, as a thing that makes us develop a thirst to know and explain what will come to us.  Thus we continue to learn and memorize personal experiences and try to predict our future and what it holds for us.

The calendar is Gregorian, but the horoscope is Jewish.
The compliment is like a perfume:
“... good to smell it - but not to swallow it ...”



Fabric Pattern Design Dresses
for all Seasons

Please contact us if you would like to use our patterns in your design, fabric, or dress.

We are located at:
11131 Vanowen st. Unit C
North Hollywood, USA.
Phone: 818.506.4478
Cell:      818.355.0490


Traditional Jewish Figurines and Characters

Proud to present to you "The Golden Streets of Jerusalem”- a compilation Memorabilia and Gift Items of all time. Figurines and characters from different traditional Jewish trades that made “Aliyah” to the State of Israel in the Early 1950’s

This collection features the best art from East and West Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia-all formed from the melting pot that occurred after the declaration of the the State of Israel in 1948.  Our artistic fine details pieces-Limited Edition Miniatures Sculptures, are casted in bronze,solid silver,zinc, and pewter,and are plated or with a had painted finish.  for the fist time in Judaica Art history we bring to the
table the best Limited Edition of Miniature Reproduction of 3D Paintings, you have ever seen before.  The Contemporary Biblical Journey 3D painting for your collection. These pieces are exact reproductions of the originals, and also hand signed by the artist.



Complete Gallery of Art and Products

What is unique about the art of Avi Binur is that it is both original and detailed, avant-garde and understandable for all. Avi Binur has solidified his place as a force in American & Israeli sculptures, he has taken the art of sculpting to a new frontier. He not only creates art but he puts himself and his stories into every piece.

His Project “The Golden Streets of Jerusalem”, depicts early Israel from a historical stand point with detail that only he can capture. His feeling for natural textures is concrete, flawless & totally convincing. Whether it is the concentration of the “Soffer Stam” or the effort of the “Pull up Rabbi,” the artist catches its particular character.



Ultimate Source for Custom Design Frames

Frame-U-Name is a unique source for your, personalized framing needs. Unlike any others, we fuse natural wood and metal elements to create frames entirely original in both style and concept. In order to create your truly custom design, we offer more than five thousand different metal inlays featuring everything from engravings, to stampings, to perforations. Moreover, we finish both the metal matting and wood base in any finish you can imagine.



Inspired by the Heavens

Avi Binur was born in Tehran, Iran to an Orthodox Jewish family. Because of their Zionistic dream, his family immigrated to Israel in 1950 soon after it won its independence.  Binur’s artistic talents were hidden for four decades. In high school, he majored in metallurgy and pursued a technical program. No impulse had yet pushed him to do any artistic work.

Avi Binur joined the Israeli army when he was 18 years old. He was a young man with out a clue about his future. Against his wishes, the army trained him to be a driver, not recognizing his technical skills.  Self taught, he aggressively entered into the world of art. His artwork has been described as realistic and naive but primitive. The hundreds of colors of native people and cultures are the well from which his artistic creativity flows.


Kinetic Art

Avi’s unique and original images are appreciated by those who exhibit and purchase his artwork. Binur pays great attention to the smallest details of his work.  His delicate sense and his realistic approach demonstrate an ability to observe and capture space, shapes and colors. His thoughts expand to create the images he wishes to convey. Binur has utilized diverse materials in his work, from precious metals like Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold, wood and paint, while demonstrating skill with every material.

The artist is constantly searching for new ways to blend and form, material and color.  In late 1986, Avi binur and his family moved to the US. Binur continued his artistic career here in Los Angeles. His art and its preparation are diversified. California and it’s lifestyle and the openness of its people are a constant source of inspiration. Binur often works late into the night on projects as the day is to short to contain his imagination.


Unique Industrial Gallery  for Art

The mission of IGA is to utilize its expansive space to allow local LA artists to exhibit their work. We seek to explore all creative opportunities we can provide by hosting events, art installation, concerts, film screenings, and charitable fundraising events.


A different kind of Rabbi...

Whatever rabbinical services you are looking for Rabbi Avi will bring to you a completely unique approach with beautiful songs sung by a talented cantor. Based out of North Hollywood and the Greater Los Angeles region, Rabbi Avi is somebody who will fill your special events with authentic traditional blessings. Rabbi Avi has a plan for you and your treasured ones to create an event that will go beyond your expectations…

For more info:
Avi Binur
c: 818.355.0490




Weekly Torah Reading and Lectures

• Real-time weekly TORAH portion
• The purest TORAH possible in traditional Israeli and Jerushalme methods
• Liturgical songs and prayers with sephardic Jewish melodies
• Contemporary TORAH lectures accented with modern aspects of life.

For more info:
Avi Binur
c: 818.355.0490


Fundraising Conceptual Project

The “HE IS ALLLIVE!” Project is a concept developed by SoCal artist Avi Binur in the wake of the Israeli-Hamas Conflict that ensued in the summer of 2014. The goal and aim of this fundraising campaign is to raise enough money in order to create and fund the casting and preparation of the first 20 of 26,000 statues that stand as an eternal flame to commemorate the fallen IDF soldiers. Our hopes is that this statue will stand in every household that is grieving or that has grieved in the past for their fallen loved ones in any of Israel’s past conflicts.

The respective soldier will be given to each family. Unfortunately some families have lost more than one soldier and so they will receive more than one statue. Detailed records released by the Israeli Ministry of Defense will be used to locate the families of the victims in order to deliver the statues.